Bobby’s Family Dinner 2022


October 11, 2022 was the annual Bobby’s family dinner. During this dinner, many family member of Bobby’s have been invited for dinner. Every year the dinner is organized in Berlin during the big BCB fair.


Last week Berlin, home of The Bar Convent, was packed with bar owners, bartenders, distributors and beverage brands. And we made the most of it by organizing our annual family dinner. We invited contacts we consider to be part of our inner circle: the Bobby’s family. And once again, it was an evening filled with good food, music and amazing cocktails. A combo that’s hard to beat.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. We were determined to make the stories of our three spirits stick. Carefully assembled stories with each three key subjects helped to engrave the story in people’s minds. It ensures the Bobby’s story stays the same each time it’s told no matter who tells it. Watching the crowd listening and interacting with our people, we think we succeeded: mission accomplished!