Meet our new Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci

We feel very proud to share with you the modern take on grandfather Bobby’s unique spice blend: Pinang Raci. Meet: Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci Spice Blend No.1!

Pinang Raci literally translates as a mishmash of spices. Grandfather Jacobus ‘Bobby’ Alfons, the inspiration and namesake of Bobby’s Gin, was well known for skilfully infusing Dutch jenever with spices that reminded him of home: Naku on the island of Ambon. As a result, he created and spiced up his own jenever!

With this new, special edition, the grandsons introduce the tradition of Pinang Raci to 2022 with an aromatic, spice-driven and heart-warming dry gin. This gin celebrates the flavors of spice island Ambon, led by the unique combination of spices Turmeric, Daun Salam and Galangal – supported by Ginger, Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Cubeb Pepper, Coriander and Juniper.

The family’s Pinang Raci recipe was the inspiration for the grandsons Sebastiaan and David. Together with distilling partner Herman Jansen they combined 7 generations of expertise with a contemporary approach, resulting in the spirits of now: Bobby’s Dry Gin and Bobby’s Schiedam Jenever. The beloved international spirits connect the East to the West and the past to the present.

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