5 YRS - Special edition

The limited edition

Bobby’s 5 YRS Edition is a unique limited edition gin celebrating Bobby’s 5-year anniversary in 2019. The Master Distiller crafted an extraordinary combination of the Bobby’s botanical flavour profile, a base of Notaris malt jenever and 6 months of wood ageing on carefully selected and treated virgin bourbon barrels

The result is a very complex, smooth, and versatile ‘jenever-based dry gin’. The smooth and balanced flavour profile of vanilla, oak, malt, and spice make for a worthy tribute of 5 years collaboration between Bobby’s grandsons and the Master Distiller.

On the nose this extraordinary spirit provides lemongrass and mandarin, with a hint of candied ginger, sweet and spicy juniper, vanilla and toasted oak, dark malt, danish pastry, butterscotch, and a hint of allspice.

Sweet orange marmalade, zesty lemon and cooling lemon grass open a smooth and warm flavour profile of vanilla, juniper, cloves, and cinnamon. Meticulously balanced with malty and woody notes of caramelized pecan nuts, pastry, brioche, toffee, and butterscotch. The mouth feel is smooth, oily, chewy and creamy. A long, sweet and warming sensation of candied orange, toasted oak, warming Indonesian spices and peppers finishes this remarkable limited anniversary blend. A harmonious, luxurious spirit, celebrating Bobby’s signature Indonesian spice-character with the Notaris malt jenever base and the extraordinary double wood ageing on American oak.